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12 Person Tent With Screened Porch

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12 Person Tent With Screened Porch: A screen porch not only serves as an extra-sleeping space but it also adds countless other opportunities for campers. It combines the opportunity of enjoying majestic landscapes with a comfortness and security of interior. And if you’re planning for a family trip or with your friends, then make sure that your tent offers enough space to accommodate atleast 8-12 people.

A 12 person tent with screened porch perfectly fits in this scenario as it has everything that a camper needed for a peaceful camping experience.

So let us help you in finding you a perfect 12 person tent if you do not want to ruin your weekend due to bugs, or unexpected rains. Our guide brought to you the 7 best 12 person tent with screened porch in the market and top-choices of buyers.

Benefits of 12 Person Tent with Screened Porch


12-person tents offer more than required sleeping space for the families or group of friends. Such tents often have 2-3 rooms, separated by a divider from the middle. And their height is also higher as compared to other tents in the market.

Protection from Insects

Extended screened porch design provides an extra-protection against rodents, mosquitos, and other creepy insects. 

More Storage Space

The storage room should also have to be large enough to accommodate all of the camping gears and clothes of almost 10-person. Other than storage, this area can also be utilized for muddy boots and you can even use the space to grill.  

Ozark Trail 12-Person Cabin Tent with Screen Porch (Instant Setup)

12 person tent with screened porch

Key Specifications

  • Max occupancy: 12 Person
  • Type: cabin-style instant tent
  • Weight: 45 lb (20.4 kg)
  • Pole material Type: Steel
  • Maximum height: 76 Inches
  • Warranty: 6-month limited warranty

Tent Details & Features          

Its name is enough to describe the important features but there are many other reasons to love this pleasant 12 person tent with screened porch. Basically, it is designed for summing camping and its highly ventilated design will ensure the best experience during your camping days.

Adventure seekers always have to shift their camping from one place to another but shifting a normal 12-person tent can be a daunting task due to its size and huge construction. But thanks to Ozark Trail 12-Person 3-Room Instant Cabin Tent whose official setup time is just 2-minutes.

Its poles are telescopic and pre-attached to the frame which makes it super-easy for 2 people to fully setup with no effort required. This is fully-freestanding tent featuring a fly which renders its water-proofing ability.

3 queen-size beds can be comfortably fit inside the main room while the screen porch can be used as a storage area. Its declared capacity is 12-persons but it is best for families upto 10 persons, otherwise adjusting the space can be an issue. 

It might be a heavy tent, but the area and maximum occupancy it offers is enough to justify its bulky weight. Be noted you will need a car or other vehicle for its transportation.

Both of its fly and tent walls fabric are manufacture with polyester but its floor has a different appearance. It is fully constructed with 17 steel stakes and replaceable poles which help you in staking the tent properly.

As for its ventilation, it features mesh ceilings and huge windows, for maximum airflow inside the tent. Other than this, one vent for each room is also added but they have a comparatively smaller size. Six small gear pockets and E-cable port are there to add into your convenience.

  • Comfortable and cool design
  • Significantly easier to setup (2-minutes)
  • 3 rooms with 3 separate doors give you a privacy
  • Spacious screen porch to witness incredible landscapes
  • Highly ventilated design
  • 10-huge windows at all across the walls
  • Leak protection during rains
  • Not ideal for heavy-rains

Core Lighted Instant Cabin Tents

12 person tent with screened porch

Key Specifications

  • Declared capacity: 10 people
  • Type: cabin style tent
  • Rooms: 2 + 1
  • Fly: Yes
  • Inner area: 140 ft² (13 m²)
  • Weight: 47.8 lb (21.7 kg)

Tent Details & Features

This tent is an upgraded version with an emphasis on bringing comfort and convenience for campers. It has introduced a pleasant lightning feature for the illumination even in dark. These LEDs lightning system operates on 4d batteries and fixed over the roof poles.

Core lighted instant cabin tent has two main rooms separated by a divider for the privacy and both of these rooms opens with a large door into the front screen room.

However, the screen room is floor-less but it has to mesh walls so you can keep your camping gear safe and secure here. This roomy area can also be utilized for cooking and for sitting under shade during sweltering heat.

The construction of this tent ensures the maximum vertical airflow for great ventilation during all times of the day. This construction includes mesh ceilings, panels and openings, one vent is also added in each of the room.

600 mm waterproof rating is claimed by the company, but originally it is similar to other 12 person tents with screened porch in our list, as it is also a summer camping tent with no heavy-rains or storms. 68D polyester has been used to manufacture both its walls and fly, which helps the tent keep the water outside.

In terms of weight, it isn’t such a tent that you can carry everywhere as its bulky weight requires a car for transportation.

Overall it is a considerable choice if your focus is on additional comfortness but it comes at a bit expensive price tag. But one thing is sure, this investment will surely worth your money.

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Provide great value for money with its multiple exclusive features
  • LEDs lighting system
  • Tall and has many headrooms
  • Access to the electrical cable port
  • Easy to setup
  • Heavy-weight tent
  • A bit expensive

Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room

12 person tent with screened porch

Key Specifications

  • Capacity: 11 people
  • Colour: Orange
  • Maximum Height: 86 Inches
  • Weight: 25lb (11.3kg)
  • Cabin (12’ X 10’) Screen Room (8’ X 7’)
  • 24 stakes and a zippered carry bag
  • 1-year limited warranty

Tent Details & Features

Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room is one of few tents who has the best area/weight ratio across the market. This luxurious family camping tent offers multiple features and available at the incredibly reasonable price tag.

Since its roof poles are fragile as it made up of fibreglass, therefore, it would be better if 2 persons will set it up. 20-minutes setup time is claimed by the company and it seems appropriate if we look at its size.

You can utilize its large room to get the feeling of comfortness away from your home. Similarly, the front room can be used as a sleeping space and a total of 11 people can easily sleep inside with sleeping bags. The total floor area (Cabin 12’ X 10’, Screen Room 8’ X 7’) can give you an idea that it would be 1.72 m² per person.

One of the notable things is that the construction of a front screen porch is very much similar to the main room. And it not only provides you with the protection against bugs and other insects, but it can accommodate 4 people easily.

Since it is 2-3 season tents therefore you’ll see some noticeable changes into its construction such as large windows, minimal fly and plenty of mesh surfaces.

This isn’t a freestanding tent so you must have to choose the camping spot keeping in mind this aspect. For this reason, you need to assemble the tent carefully. 68D polyester is the major reason behind it extra-durability. The floor doesn’t come with bathtub design but it has good water-proof ratings.

Inner features include small mesh pockets, gear loft with lantern hook and electrical cord access port. 2 ventilation openings, large mesh windows & doors, and waterproofing can make your camping experience quite pleasant and enjoyable.

  • Great ventilation system
  • Electricity access port for adding convenience
  • Advanced tent venting system helps you to stay cool and peaceful
  • Water-resistant tent exterior keeps water outside
  • Expandable tent carrying bag keeps your accessories organized
  • Single external door

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Northwest Territory Front Porch Cabin Tent

12 person tent with screened porch

Key Specifications

  • Max occupancy: 10 person
  • Center Height: 7’2″
  • Pole Material Type: Steel
  • 6 + 2 Windows
  • Two doors
  • Two rooms
  • Weight: 51 lb. (23 kg)

Tent Details & Features

Northwest Territory Front Porch Cabin Tent is an extremely spacious family tent which is very easy-to-use. The price at which it is available is a true bargain as compared to the features it is offering.

This cabin-style tent can be divide into two large rooms with its removable divider. So space isn’t going to be an issue, and in addition to it, both of these rooms have separate entry points. This practical design suits summer weather due to its emphasis on keeping the inner space highly breathable.

There are 6 mesh windows on each side of the tent and has multiple zippered panels as well. The height of the walls is pretty high which seems to be a portable room outside your house.

The deep screen porch comes with the protection of fly and meshes walls, and it features a removable floor as well. This nicely designed screen porch can comfortably fit many chairs and small tables where you can spend peaceful time with the protection against insects and other elements.

In terms of versatility, it features an E-cable port underneath the porch and two storage sets as well as smart tablet display pockets. Since Northwest Territory Front Porch is a heavy-weight tent, therefore, it comes with carrybag with wheels.

The tall construction of this tent suit a summer-weather with no heavy-rains, although it features a rainfly with taped seams. Polyester is used for its construction and a bathtub design at floor gives you comfortable feeling.

  • Easy to use tent
  • Great value for money
  • The high degree of comfortness due to its spacious rooms
  • Highly ventilated design
  • Roomy screen porch area for panoramic views
  • Weight is a bit heavy

Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season Large Family Cabin Tent

12 person tent with screened porch

Key Specifications

  • Max Occupancy: 14 Person
  • Water-proof rating: 1000 millimetres
  • 3 Rooms + 6 windows
  • 5 huge inner doors
  • 11 Steel + 11 fibreglass poles
  • Weight: 61.9 lb (28 kg)
  • Seasons: 3 Season

Tent Details & Features

Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season Large Family Cabin which is cabin-style tent offers colossal space, including three inner rooms and screen porch with broader space. Important to mention that it isn’t a freestanding tent so you’ve staked it properly at a suitable location.

Admittedly, it can easily accommodate a group of people but the declared capacity (14-person) is slightly higher as it is far from practicality. 13 ft² (1.2 m²) per person can give you an idea that it would be ideal for 10-12 person.

Fully setting it up requires different steps therefore moving it one place to another wouldn’t be easy, rather hectic and tardy. Although one person can do all the work required for its assembly, two men can do the job easily.

The fly has a minimal surface area, relatively lower waterproofing ability and the high-profile makes it unsuitable for rainy areas. On the other hand, all of these aspects support maximum airflow for the pleasant summer camping.

It offers a decent water-proof rating of 1000 mm and both its body, the fly is made up of 70D/190T polyester.

A lot of mesh is used in the construction, spacious screen room and zippered provides the higher cross-ventilation. The screen keeps annoying mosquitos, and other insects outside the tent and provide you with the liberty to enjoy the incredible landscapes. 

Not to surprise over its heavyweight (61.9 lb (28 kg) as its huge size can fairly justify it. To further add into this, its roof has used steel vertical poles and shock-corded fibreglass poles.

  • Trolley carry bag for easy carrying
  • Comes with large windows and huge doors
  • Great price as compared to its maximum occupancy
  • Comfortable and interesting design
  • The high-profile ceiling for cross-ventilation
  • It requires effort for set up
  • Bulky Tent and difficult for transportation

Ozark trail 12 person cabin tent with porch (Instant Setup)

12 person tent with screened porch

Key Specifications

  • Max Occupancy: 12 Person
  • Weight: 61 lb (28 kg)
  • 2 Doors + 7 Windows
  • Freestanding: Yes
  • Area: 192 ft² (17.8 m²)
  • Pole Material Type: Steel

Tent Details & Features

Ozark Trail 12-person cabin tent (Instant Setup) is famous for highly functional design which has greatly taken care of privacy. Except for a few weather limitation, this is a great choice for small groups and big family upto 12 persons, planning to go for summer camping.

The declared capacity (12 people) is pretty justified as a single room can conveniently accommodate 4 sleeping pads. There are very few picks in the market whose declared capacity is the same as in reality and Ozark trail 12 person cabin tent is one of that tent.

All of its pools are steel and telescopic which is the core reason for its strength and extra-stability. Even with this large size, surprisingly it requires just 2-minutes to fully raise on the ground. This is due to the reason that the frame is pre-attached to the tent and you can unfold and extends these poles instantly.

The tent has 3 rooms with sewn-in dividers for better privacy and each one features a separate large door. Even 2-3 couples can comfortably enjoy their camping time without disturbing their privacy.

At the front side, you’ve partially rain-protected awning/porch which is a great addition indeed. This extended area can be utilized usefully for sitting under the shade and for cooking.

Coming forward to its ventilation, Ozark trail tent with porch offers 7 double-layer mesh windows and some panels as well. Despite 3 large rooms, it has a high ceiling with mesh and there are two vents as well.

In terms of versatility and convenience, you have an electric cord port and many small storage pockets so you can’t forget where is your important stuff.

The price tag seems fairly reasonable if we take a wide-look at the overall features it is offering. Not only the feature but Ozark trail 12 person cabin tent with porch is also one of few tents who address the privacy issue and provide a great value by sewn-in dividers.

  • Enormous and awesome design
  • Sewn-in dividers for better privacy
  • Wheeled carry bag to transport it from one place to another
  • E-cable port for your convenience
  • Has incredibly fast setup time (2-minutes)
  • Made up of durable and quality materials
  • Heavy-weight which makes it transportation really difficult
  • There’s no place where you can hang the lamps

ALPHA CAMP 12 Person Tent with Screen Room (Cabin Design)

12 person tent with screened porch

Key Specification

  • Capacity: 10-12 people
  • Weight: 61 lb (27.7 kg)
  • Type: cabin-style framed tent
  • Pole Material Type: Fiberglass
  • Maximum Height: 80 Inches
  • Seasons: 4-Season
  • 2-years limited warranty

Tent Details & Features

ALPHA CAMP 12 Person Tent with Screen Room is a cabin-style tent that is fully freestanding but it comes with a complicated structure which is unique in appearance. But despite this complication, it is pretty easy to setup and only a single person can do the job.

It offers a moderate waterproof rating which is 1000 mm thus it seems suitable only for normal summer camping. The extensive mesh ceiling also makes it obvious that you can’t take it to the colder environment.

We’ve often seen that many tent manufacturers don’t focus on the stability of the screen room area. But, it offers many stakes and poles, made up of steel and fibreglass by which you can properly fix the tent to enable its frame to withstand in windy areas.

12 person tent with screened porch

Polyester is used to manufacture the overall tent and fly, while the floor is made up of polyethene material. You’ve partial coverage fly, two huge mesh doors, panels and total of 5 windows. The divider is just a removable curtain in the middle of the main-room and doesn’t offer better privacy. But, after using the divider both of these rooms will have a separate door which is a good thing.

The floor has a bathtub design and you’ll have two storage pouches on the wall plus an electric cable port. Since the screen room is floor-less therefore it can be used as mudroom or wetroom and for cooking as well.

Its heavy-weight won’t permit you to change the camping location frequently, but it offers a high degree of luxurious and comfortness feeling of home. Its price tag makes it even more considerable choice for 12 person cabin tent with screen porch in the market.

  • A budget choice for summer camping with your family
  • Comfortable enough to accommodate 10 person
  • A strong and sturdy frame having high-ceiling
  • Complicated but still easier to setup
  • Plenty of room in the screen porch
  • Lack of enough storage options
  • Can’t accommodate by the claimed occupancy

Frequently Asked Questions

How long 12 person cabin tent with screen porch normally take in assembling?

Originally, 12-person tens have huge-design to offer plenty of interior space, therefore it may take more assembling time as compared to a normal tent. But in order to take out this hassle of assembling, we’ve shortlisted only those tents that are less-difficult to fully setup. Even, Ozark trail 12 person instant cabin tent can easily be assembled within 5-minutes or less. But, on average, a 12 person tent takes around 15 minutes, however, assembling can get even simpler if you have a company.

Should you worry about the screened porch tent height?

Yes, the height of the screened porch is a major factor as it affects ventilation, convenience, and overall stability as well. Most of the tents have the front-door at the screened porch therefore, its height should be atleast 6-feet.

How many rooms a 12 person tent with screened porch usually have?

The construction of these tents varies but the majority of 12 person tents comes with the 2-room design. The main-room can be converted into two separate rooms by placing a divider in the middle of the tent. Some of the tents have even 3-rooms design such as Ozark trail 12 person cabin tent.

Where do I get Ozark trail 12 person cabin tent with screen porch replacement parts?

You can easily find and purchase any of its replacement part from Amazon. Check out the reviews of the product you’re interested in, to know the experience of buyers.

Which one of these tents can withstand in rainy weather?

Ozark trail 12 person cabin tent, which is our top-pick as well is the choice you can consider for camping in rainy weather. It doesn’t let the water come inside due to its leak protection guarantee. The fly is the manufacture of polyester and offers a moderate water-proof rating. But, I’d suggest you, not to take this tent for camping at locations with heavy-rains.

Why these tents aren’t ideal for winter camping?

Winter camping tents are normally heavy in weight due to its good-quality fabric and a sturdy frame. Therefore, a winter camping offering maximum occupancy of 12 persons, will definitely have much heavier weight as compared to a summer tent. And, weight is a factor with great importance for any camper.

Ozark trail tent with screen porch – Best Choice

To conclude this review, I’m sharing some of the major factors that you should consider while buying a 12 person tent with screened porch.


There are two instances, whether you purchase a most-durable tent or a tent with light-weight design. I’d suggest you not to go after a highly durable tent, especially for winter camping.


A tent with poor ventilated design can create some serious discomfort inside the tent. So make sure that the tent you’re going to buy has the practical design to support maximum airflow within the tent.

Setup Time

How much time your tent takes for full set up, is another important aspect to focus while making a choice.

Check out our top pick if you want a tent that requires just a few minutes for assembling.


Budget is another thing which influences one’s choice, therefore we’ve shortlisted tents with a different price tag.

On the basis of above-mentioned points, Ozark trail 12 person cabin tent with screen porch is the best pick available in the market, within its category. The above numbering doesn’t refer the ranking, so all of the above picks are best in particular aspects. This nicely designed tent is best-bargain for its price and perfect for quiet summer weather conditions.

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