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5 Best Tent for Full Time Living in 2022

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Are you fed up with bustling urban life and want to take a break to find peace? Then, there is no other better option than camping and going back to nature.

For most of us, it might seem an easy task to get the best tent for full time living. But it isn’t. Buying guide of a full-time living tent is completely different from a normal tent. The reason is quite obvious that a full-time living tent requires you to have some additional features that other tents lack. A tent that isn’t just a shelter but can stand out even in some harsh conditions.

Here at CampBuild, we will make this purchase quite easier for you, with our expert buying guide of the best tent for full time living.

Editor’s Choice
Napier Backroadz Truck Tent
Napier Backroadz Truck Tent
  • Good Internal Space
  • Adequate Headroom
  • Plenty of Storage Options
Budget Pick
GEERTOP Backpacking Tent for 2-Person
GEERTOP Backpacking Tent for 2-Person
  • Comes with 2 Vestibules
  • Built-in Snow Skirt
  • Great Versatility
Vidalido Dome Camping Tent
Vidalido Dome Camping Tent
  • Easy to Setup
  • Durable Construction
  • Effective Ventilation Design

How to find the best tent for full time living?

Unlike other tents, you can’t afford to make a wrong decision while buying a tent only for full time living. Because, this will not be an ordinary trip, instead you are going to live within the tent for weeks or months. Therefore, here we’ve compiled a guide which will educate you about the important aspects to buy the best tent for full time living.

·       Quality of material

This is arguably the most important point which cannot be compromised. Only the tents with quality construction can last for many years without distortion or tearing down.

The quality of the tent can be determined by the fabric, poles and other stuff. Also, consider the footprint and overall design of the tent because, in heavy winds, the poorly-designed tent can have stability issues.

·       Weather- resistance ability

You do not know when the weather condition can get worsen in the forest therefore, you need to have a safe shelter that can save you from the difficulties of weather.

Most tents are designed to offer good weather-resistance ability to stand out even in harsh weather. But you need to be sure that to what extent your tent can bear the weather condition. For that, you can check the water-resistance ability and whether the fabric is UV-protected or not.

·       Interior space

A tent must have a generous interior space so that you would not have to face inconvenience both in terms of storage and living.

Ample Interior space is also important for fair ventilation and normal airflow within the inner space. Tents with congested inner space trap the heat inside and resulting in increasing the inner temperature. Such tents can be used in winters but they cannot be used in summers.

·       Overall weight and footprint

The weight and footprint of your tent is another important thing to consider. The weight and size of your tent don’t really matter if you are carrying the tent in a van or truck. However, if you have to go trekking or mountaineering then it does matter a lot. Similarly, if you are a solo traveller then carrying a bulky tent can become even more difficult.

Editor’s Choice
Napier Backroadz Truck Tent
Napier Backroadz Truck Tent
  • Good Internal Space
  • Adequate Headroom
  • Plenty of Storage Options
Check Price on AmazonRead More
Budget Pick
GEERTOP Backpacking Tent for 2-Person
GEERTOP Backpacking Tent for 2-Person
  • Comes with 2 Vestibules
  • Built-in Snow Skirt
  • Great Versatility
Check Price on AmazonRead More
Vidalido Dome Camping Tent
Vidalido Dome Camping Tent
  • Easy to Setup
  • Durable Construction
  • Effective Ventilation Design
Check Price on AmazonRead More
ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3-Person Tent ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3-Person Tent
  • Sturdy-Construction
  • Multiple Storage Options
  • Rain-Proofing Ability
Check Price on AmazonRead More
NTK Colorado GT 8-9 Person Camping Tent NTK Colorado GT 8-9 Person Camping Tent
  • Fire Retardant
  • Easy to Setup
  • Excellent Water-Proofing
Check Price on AmazonRead More

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

  • Max occupancy: 2 Adults
  • Item Weight: 13.35 Pounds
  • Pole Material Type: Fiberglass
  • Maximum Height: 62 Inches
  • Material: Taffeta

Tent Details & Features

So you’ve made your mind to explore the stunning landscapes on your pickup truck. But, it is always difficult to find a peaceful and comfortable hotel, especially during the peak seasons.

But, why you need to pay the bills of expensive hotels when you’ve got the big open truck. All you need is to set up Napier Backroadz at your truck bed and you can save hundreds of dollars.

If you have a pickup truck and looking for the best tent for full time living then you must consider Napier Backroadz Truck Tent. Setting up this tent gives you countless opportunities to sleep anywhere without any fear of extreme weather.

There are several notable features that increase its resistance against bad weather and water such as sewn-in flooring. The strapping is intelligently placed on its structure and this is the main reason behind its maximum stability even in high winds.

For ample ventilation, this tent has 4-windows featured on the top, rain-fly and a large-sized door. Extra flapping is there over the windows and doors to protect you against any storm.

In terms of comfortability, this tent offers decent headroom so you can even stand and walk inside the tent. While shock-corded fibreglass poles are added to its structure to make it an easy-time installing tent.

Other than this, it has plenty of storage options in the form of a gear loft, pockets, and a lantern holder is there to lighten up the interior.

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent comes in three different sizes such as compact regular bed, full-size long bed and full truck bed. You can choose any of its size that can perfectly into your truck beds.

  • Can be set up very quickly
  • Ample ventilation with its large-sized windows
  • Good internal space for 2-adults
  • Adequate headroom
  • Colour-coded poles for easy installation
  • Plenty of storage options
  • Zipper quality should be improve
  • Not ideal for colder-months

GEERTOP Backpacking Tent for 2-Person

best tent for full time living

  • Max occupancy: 2 Person
  • Shape: Dome
  • Pole Material Type: Aluminum
  • Item Weight: 3 Kilograms (6.61 pounds)
  • Maximum Height: 115 Centimeters

Tent Details & Features

Arguably one of the best-rated backpacking tents that is equipped with all required features, required for a 4-seasons tent. The tent offers great value to money by offering versatility and strong construction.

It is well-constructed for fair ventilation and to be reasonably weather resistant. Windows come with a double-mesh design which ensures optimal internal airflow and resulting in a livable environment. Similarly, in order to prevent the rainwater come inside it has double-stitched seams which also adds to its durability. Claimed water-proof rating of this ten is 3000mm which is more than enough and it will keep you dry even in heavy rains.

This backpacking tent is pretty simple to fully assemble and it will take not more than 5-8 minutes. During low-light situations, a two-sided zipper design and reflective ropes can be much helpful.

Since it is a 4-season tent therefore it features a built-in snow skirt which is great in keeping the ground dry and warm. Other than that, the structure has two doors and in terms of versatility, you have a light hook and many storage pockets.

The tent is available in vibrant yellow and green colour which seems quite distinctive from fair away. Considering its rugged construction and strong structure, still, it weighs just 5.73lbs, so you can use it as a backpacking tent as well. A lightweight storage duffle bag is another great addition for easy backpacking.

The unit is spacious enough to easily accommodate two adults and their camping gear. For storage, it features two vestibules and these two protects the entrance too.

If you’re looking for the best tent for full time living with a great price tag then we highly recommend GEERTOP Backpacking Tent.

  • Simple and Straightforward Setup
  • Comes with 2 vestibules
  • Built-in snow skirt
  • Reliable in heavy-weather
  • Great versatility
  • Zippers should be improve
  • Thin packing bag

Vidalido 12’x10’x8’Dome Camping Tent 5-6 Person

  • Occupancy: 6 Person
  • Shape: Triangular
  • Floor Length: 12.5 Feet
  • Water Resistance Technology: 3000 millimetres
  • Floor Length: 12.5 Feet

Tent Details and Features

Say hello to the best family tent on our list, Vidalido Dome Camping Tent. The tent is packed with multiple handy features and most importantly, it is available at a decent price tag.

The tent is made to last longer due to its rugged construction which includes durable 150D Oxford fabric and polyester. Steel tent poles further render stability and rigidness to their overall structure.

Thanks to its interesting shape, which results in decent headroom and you can even freely stand and walk inside the tent. During the camping, changing the clothes could be an issue but with this tent, you would not have to worry about it.

Its canopy shape design not only gives this tent a festive and decorative appearance but also prevents the rain and snow from coming in.

For easy entrance and ample ventilation, it features two large doors and windows. Most importantly, both the windows and doors are waterproof with its 2000D PU 3000MM high-density mesh structure design.

Since doors and roofs are made up of polyester nylon therefore you can enjoy various beautiful sceneries without any disturbance from insects.

The whole structure of this tent is carefully built so that you’d not have to face any hassle while setting it up. And it will take just 5 minutes of yours. Other than that, it also comes with a carrying bag so that you can store the tent and conveniently carry it around.

Considering its overall shape and internal area, this tent is perfect for a family camping journey. The floor has enough space to accommodate 2-queen size beds which justifies its declared capacity of 6-people.

  • Extremely effective ventilation system
  • Equipped with all features of a family tent
  • Decent headroom
  • Made up of durable material
  • A budget-friendly choice
  • Relatively easy to setup
  • Provided instructions should be more comprehensive
  • Not ideal for harsh weathers

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3-Person Tent

  • Max occupancy: 3-Person
  • Item Weight: 9.8 Pounds
  • Maximum Height: 54 Inches
  • Tent area: 43.5 ft²
  • Freestanding: Yes
  • Material: Polyester, Aluminum
  • Number Of Poles: 4

Tent Details & Features

Another best tent for full time living and this time is ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3-Person Tent. ALPS is well-known for its reliable and reasonably-priced camping gear and this dome tent is one of their best-selling product.

It comes with a unique two pool design which is the core reason for its fair weather-resistant ability. This double-wall tent isn’t super-heavy as it weighs just seven pounds. With this extremely lightweight design, you might question its built quality and ability to sustain in harsh weather. But it is made up of superior quality fabric, aluminium poles and its overall construction is quite satisfactory.  

It also features two mesh vents at the top to maximize the inward airflow. Polyester fly is also there to protect you against UV rays and rainwater.

One of its most distinctive features is the twin hooped vestibules design, on each side of the tent. Both of these vestibules are large enough to accommodate all of your camping gear and other stuff.

This dome tent has a lightweight structure but poles are a bit heavier, but still, it is one of the favourable choices in the list of a backpacking tents. Since it is a freestanding tent therefore it requires very little effort for installation.

This dome tent has two double-layered inner doors that come with a zippered mesh door and a zippered panel door for protection. While multiple mesh pockets and loft storage options can keep your belongings organized and safe.

Overall it is among the best tent for a full-time living but its peak centre height can be an issue.

  • Reliability with its strong-construction
  • Multiple storage options
  • Manufacture with rain-proof material
  • Have two vestibules
  • Available in different sizes
  • Should have more space

NTK Colorado GT 8-9 Person Outdoor Camping Tent

best tent for full time living

  • Occupancy: 8 Person
  • Weight: 20 pounds (9KG)
  • Shape: Dome shape
  • Material: Polyesters
  • Floor Width: 3.3 Meters

Tent Details & Features

NTK Colorado is among the best-selling family tent available in the market and it is mainly admired due to its comfortability factor.

Decent Floor size and headroom wise make it quite a livable tent and its structure also favours maximum internal airflow. Its declared occupancy is 9-people, making it one of the best tents for full time living for families

With regards to versatility, NTK Colorado includes an e-cable port, ceiling loop for the light or lantern and wall storage pockets. But, the most exclusive and distinctive feature is its fire-retardant construction.

There is no way the ground-water can enter the tent since the floor is made up of polyethene, and comes with a bathtub design. The floor and walls have a waterproof rating of 2500mm and full-coverage fly also increased the protection against rainwater.

The thing that I really admired about this tent, is the ultra-thin insect-proof sheet which not only protects you against insects. But, also ensure the smooth and maximum ventilation inside the tent.

It is worth mentioning that this tent has a super sturdy frame and poles are made up of fibreglass. But still, the overall packed size of the tent is below 10kg and relatively easy to set up. The design, as a whole, is pretty much simple which the main reason behind its easy and straightforward assembling.

Its lightweight design and easy portability make sure that you do not have much hassle while carrying the tent.

  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Designed to handle heavy winds and rains
  • Offers a lot of internal space
  • Fire retardant
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Doesn’t have the divider

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Frequently Asked Questions about Full Time Living Tents

1.  What are the benefits of living in a tent full time?

Some people only consider the downside of living in a tent full time, but Infact it has plenty of benefits. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Incredibly cheap: if you want to save tons of money then moving to a tent for full time living could be the best option. You will not only cut down your expenses in the form of amenities, power bills but you would no longer need to pay property tax.
  • Can enjoy a simpler lifestyle: While living in a tent, you would adapt your lifestyle without luxury, and other unnecessary things.
  • It is much healthier: There is no denial of the fact that living in a forest is much healthier than a city lifestyle. It is due to the reason that trees release phytoncides (chemicals) which improve the immune system of our body.

2.  Who needs the best tent for full time living?

It is true that living in a tent full time suits the personality of every person. But, most importantly, it depends on specific conditions due to which one can choose to live in a tent for full time. It can be due to the weather conditions, low budget or you want to enjoy nature from closely.

3.  What are the different types of tents you can live in?

There are many options for full time living tents available in the market. Some of them are specifically designed and manufactured for the winter season, while some can be used throughout the year.

Since here we are looking for the best tent for full time living therefore, we must find a durable and wisely designed tent. Cabin tents are considered as the best options in this case, as it offers ample headroom and interior space. Other than this, such tents are made of fine-quality material for increased insulation on cold days.

4.  Can you live in a tent all year round?

The answer is yes, we’ve seen many people who are living in tents for the past several years and they have fully adapted to the new environment.

5.  Is it legal to live in a tent?

Yes, you can legally live in a tent on any campground or other outer spaces. However, it is prohibited in some areas for tent camping in their backyard, therefore you should be aware of the local laws before going camping. Other than that, it is also suggested to check the weather ahead of your schedule to avoid any inconvenience.

6.  Is it dangerous to live in a tent in the wood?

You would have to worry about neither legality nor the safety of living in the woods. But a camper should have some experience and make sure the tent is rightfully set up on the ground. Also, the selection of a camping spot is most important, this is where some campers commit a mistake. Experts suggest the following aspects while choosing the safest campsite.

7.  Can you live in a tent in winter?

Yes, you can live in a tent even in the winter season, however, you need to be careful regarding few things.

  1. Prioritize such locations where water is easily accessible such as a lake, river, or waterfall.
  2. Pitching the tent in the right direction is another crucial aspect. Preferably, you should pitch the tent in such a direction that it faces the sun and you get sunlight in the morning.
  3. Make sure that the ground surface is plain, and trees are nearby to your camping site.
  4. Know what things you have to avoid while choosing the camping site. Take a look around and see whether there are any dead branches over your head, flash-flood zone or whether there is any rockfall debris.

Conclusion – Best Tent for Full-Time Living

Most people think that buying a quality tent requires you to have a high budget. But it is not true, because we’ve also included some of the best tents for full time living available in the market, at a cheap price tag. A comprehensive guide is also included in this article, do make sure that you are well-aware of all those buying aspects.

If you have any questions or query then please let us know in the comment section.

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