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Coleman Hooligan 3 Review: Is it worth buying?

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Imagine you are planning alongside your two friends for camping, and you need a feasible tent that is within your budget? And you are confused about which camping tent can fulfill all of these needs. If that’s the query you are looking for, then Coleman Hooligan 3 review is a perfect answer. However, there are a few features and specifications that you should keep in mind before deciding to buy.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin this guide.

Coleman Hooligan 3 Review – Overview

Coleman Hooligan 3 is a tiny/little tough tent, which can be a good fit for three persons.

The tent is lightweight in design with shrinking down capability, enabling it to be easy to carry. A fully protected hallway helps keep the inside of the tent clean by creating a dry place to enter and store extra luggage. However, in the case of rains, WeatherTec’s system, with its unique integrated floors and inverted groove, will help you stay dry.

The firm dome shape holds up to wind, and you’ll get added weather protection. The entire mesh interior sensationally increases air circulation to help you stay calm and cozy. On clear nights, you can stretch out the rainfly, and the attention of the stars would drift you to sleep.

Moreover, the setup is simple, with pitfall-free and uninterrupted pole sleeves. Inside, there’s adequate space to stretch out three camp pads, and a storage chamber helps keep minor items in an order. When it’s pack-up time to head home, the tent fits into an added carry bag for easy storage and dispatch.

Coleman Hooligan 3 Review
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Rigid construction with sealed seams to avoid leakage
  • Secure pin-and-ring system for the campers
  • It has extensive space for other camping tents
  • All the backpack shelters from extra wind
  • Has a dry vestibule for entry, exit, and storage
  • Easy to pitch

Benefits for the Campers:

The rainfly has a door at both end, allowing plenty of ventilation even when it’s raining. Such a feature doesn’t allow cold air to come in. The tent provides ample head and legroom for each camper, as well as an extra-large vestibule for storing multiple camping items.  

Coleman Hooligan 3 Review

Although, the Hooligan Tent is comfortable in terms of space but it does not have enough space for a queen size air mattress, unless you remove your gear from the vestibule. This tent offers plenty of ventilation with two windows and three mesh panels. Each window has a mesh screen that allows fresh air to flow in while keeping bugs out.

The Hooligan Tent comes with a mesh storage bag that has a carry handle for easy transport and a repair kit just in case you need to make any last-minute repairs before hitting the road for your next adventure.

Features of Coleman Hooligan Tent

We’ll try our best to give you some of its advantages alongside drawbacks in the below points. These are based on our experiences and observations. Therefore, let’s go to these features.

  • You can use the inner tent on its own, which is used for insect-free open-air sleeping
  • You can get within your budget
  • Rigid construction with sealed seams to avoid leakage
  • They built it in such a way that we can say it is weatherproof for extreme environments, including rain and wind
  • Secure pin-and-ring system for the campers
  • It has extensive space for other camping tents
  • Has a dry vestibule for entry, exit, and storage
  • Easy to pitch
  • All the backpack shelters from extra wind
  • Last but not least, there are three sizes available
  • This often requires staking.
  • There should be room for more ventilation.
  • The vestibule door is tiny.
  • The backpack is a bit heavy
  • Stakes could be better qualified to provide a more secure setup
  • No windows or view is available within the tent to see outside
  • No proper standing room for grown-ups
  • The entrance is too low, and you need to kneel for entering the tent
  • Heavier than other three-person tents

Features of Coleman hooligan 3 Person tent in detail

Size and Comfort

The tent is like a room with a tall hallway, not something you will often find among these three-person tent reviews. It is so big that it will have the space of three people lying comfortably, that too with some room to spare. If we compared it to other three-person tents, then many consumers say that this is an actual 3-person tent without any doubt.

The entrance is at a certain angle because of the vestibule, and the doorway is low. Therefore, you need to bend yourself to get in and out. The advantage of this specific arrangement is that the entrance is protected from the wind, and you have a dry area to protect the sleeping space while it is raining. Furthermore, you can sit in the doorway and get rid of any dirt before entering the camp.

Interestingly, two adults can be very comfortable in this tent as a double air mattress fits inside with space at the edges, making it a good choice for car camping or long-distance touring with a motorbike. While in the case of toughness, it has got some severe roughness alongside support. Also, it is a strong tent for scout troops.

Last but not least, its Interior storage pockets provide you with a place to keep your smaller belongings, such as gears, safe and sound. These storage pockets are outside the sleeping area, underneath the cover.

Season and Weather

Assuming your open-air experiences are taken in spring, summer, and fall, this tent will see off whatever the season needs to toss at you. The internal lattice tent and the whole cover will protect you from downpour while permitting excellent ventilation and airflow in the mid-year. The additional air vent in the top can be opened as well, and for the dry climate in the hotness, you can involve it as a screen tent and eliminate the fly through.

Despite its toughness, it is the fact that it will confront weighty downpours and solid breeze; as a result, it won’t keep you warm. This is a three-season tent, as the name suggests.

To put resources into a (normally more costly) 4 season tent, and you can’t avoid setting up camp in low temperatures, reasonably warm hiking beds and apparel will be fundamental. The toughness in the camping tent and the shaft supporting the vestibule guarantee excellent protection from solid breezes and extreme environmental seasons.

Coleman Hooligan 3 Review

Cold weather endurance:

They are truly expected as a three-season cover. This implies it should hold up well in the spring, summer, and fall. This is a four-man tent, yet very light and made because of exploring.

This implies that the divider materials and rainfly are on the lighter and more slender side. They are tough and should hold up to long periods of misuse, yet they offer little security against extremely low temperatures.

Wet weather endurance:

Their restrictive materials and climate sealing framework hold up well in a weighty downpour. The fixed creases, colossal rainfly, and bath floor make it far-fetched you will see any holes. Everything, including the vestibules and zippers, is very much shielded from the downpour.

Weatherproof system:

Coleman utilizes a patented WeatherTec™ framework to weatherproof their tents. Every one of the creases is welded and altered to guarantee no breaks overcome. The bath-style floor fends any ground dampness off. 

The Coleman brand is notable for delivering merchandise connected with life in the great outdoors and has gained notoriety for quality and development.

Floor of the tent

The 1000 denier polyethylene ‘tub’ floor is welded to the dividers of the inward tent giving outrageous climate assurance. Indeed, even the corners have welded creases to avoid leakage.

Weight of the tent

This Coleman Hooligan 3 tent is declared a lightweight tent by the dealers and many other clients and customers. Except if you are a solid walker, you might see it as excessive gear for hiking. Therefore, any additional weight is of no result, assuming that you enjoy nature with a vehicle and go climbing and hiking.

Quick Setup

It’s pretty easy to set up this shelter despite its many stakes – 13 stakes for the fly and 4 for the tent. Setting it up could be a test on hard ground or exceptionally sandy regions. Besides this, it is easy to set up and should be done by only one individual.

Coleman states the arrangement time as 10 minutes, and many clients say that time is effortlessly accomplished. A few clients say they can set it up quickly. It could require as long as 20 minutes to raise this tent appropriately all alone, yet on the off chance that you hope to experience some unpleasant climate, it is definitely worth the additional work.

A few clients notice that considering the strain when you stake out the fly is significant, assuming you need the greatest advantage from the vestibule.

Accessories to Consider

It is better to know which accessories are available in the product you want to buy. Therefore, we have listed its gears. Let’s find out!

  • A Coleman Fiberglass Tent Pole Replacement Kit
  • 7 inches Steel Metal Tent Stakes
  • The storage bag and stakes
  • Coleman MicroPacker Compact Battery Lantern

Dismantling of the tent

Breaking camp is easy, and as it takes less time to take down this tent. Exercising some care when folding it up will ensure it fits into the supplied carry bag.

Durability and quality of types of equipment

This is a very much made solid tent with an extremely welded floor that wraps up the sides, bath style. The covered polyester fly has modified creases fixed at the plant to keep water out. There are two Shock corded fiberglass posts and Snag-Free ceaseless shaft sleeves.

The zipper quality could be better; however, most objections, including the zipper on the sack breaking. The stakes are satisfactory; however, more grounded ones would be better.

Who is the Manufacturer?

The Coleman is a well-known brand known for producing goods related to outdoor activities, such as camping tents or backpacks. Besides this, it has an excellent reputation for quality and innovation. Furthermore, this brand is notable for creating products connected with life and has gained popularity for quality and advancement in this niche.

Specifications of Hooligan® 3 – Tent

The Model No.2000001590 of this camping tent has the following specs:

  • Its exclusive system keeps you dry
  • Spacious interior, room to move
  • Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for an easy setup
  • Dome construction
  • The tent has a fully-covered vestibule for wind protection, which is near the door
  • Fully protected from the cold, sun, wind, and rain (extreme weather conditions)
  • Dry entry vestibule allows convenient access and adjustable airflow
  • The entire mesh of the inner tent provides you with maximum air ventilation
  • Fly as the whole feature offers complete protection in the harshest weather conditions
  • Storage pockets keep your gears organized, which is near the door of the tent
  • Also, the patented welded floors and inverted seams keep the water out
  • Center height is almost four ft. ten in. (1.47 m)
  • Limited 1-year warranty for this product
  • The tent is a Made in China product


  • The lightweight, two-shaft configuration is easy to convey and quickly set up.
  • The three-person, three-season tent is intended for most conditions—gentle to unforgiving.
  • An utterly covered vestibule helps keep the tent clean by considering the dry section and obstructing the breeze around the entryway.
  • Full-network inward tent for mind-boggling ventilation
Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent
  • When the climate is warm, take the rainfly off to partake in the fantastic ventilation from the internal lattice tent.
  • WeatherTec™ System’s licensed welded floors and modified secured creases assist with guaranteeing you stay dry.
  • The tangle-free, nonstop shaft sleeves — lessens arrangement time to only 10 minutes.
  • The eight ft. x 7 ft. (2.44 m x 2.13 m) floor fits three individuals.

Price and Value of Coleman hooligan 3 tent

With its price segment, there are several options on various online stores. But on average, the price of this backpacking tent is $78. However, you can find deals and coupons on this product from time to time. These sales are worth checking because you might find some concessions.

Based on its quality, we don’t think it is costly and provides you value for money. Since it has varied price options, we suggest considering your needs before buying this three-person camp.

What do people say about the Coleman hooligan 3 tent?

A large number of sporting campers have had a decent involvement in this tent, keeping dry when others in camp have wet, some being joyfully shocked following an evening of tempests.

This is not a tent to walk around in, however it feels open with its genuinely high roof when stooping or sitting. More limited people can bear up in it and the taller clients say they can loosen up to rest. Some have even utilized it unsupported in a lenient climate or inside for the children to play.

FAQs – Coleman Hooligan 3 Review

Does This Tent Come With Stakes Or Other Mounting Equipment?

Yes, it comes up with stakes and other mounting gears, but on the other hand, you will need to purchase some other longer stakes for more support.

Can You Fit A Queen-Size Mattress In This Tent?

The answer for this is Yes. The reason behind this is simple. In several two-person tents, you can fit a large size mattress. While in the case of this three-person tent, it has more space and will also have some space spare on the floor.

Can This Tent Be Used In Cold Weather?

As we mentioned above, it is good enough to protect you in the hot and cold weather. Therefore, in the case of cold weather, it might be used, but alongside you must wear warm clothes. Furthermore, snow isn’t a problem for this tent, but the major issue arrives when it comes to heat retention.

Can I use Coleman Hooligan 3 tent in Summer?

They are ideally suited for warm to sweltering environments. You can eliminate the rainfly and have insurance from bugs with the cross-section dividers. This provides you with an incredible perspective on the campground and stars around evening time. It considers full ventilation. Indeed, even with the rainfly on, the ventilation is great and should keep you cool on those blistering summer evenings.

Is Coleman’s tent a good brand?

A Coleman tent is a good tent brand unless you have a limited budget. However, this brand does not compromise on quality. Also, there are categories of tents from this brand. Therefore, some could be far superior to its budget-friendly product.

Final Thoughts – Coleman Hooligan 3 Review

You should be well aware of your needs before going camping, hiking, or going into extreme outdoor conditions. Several things and factors must be in your mind before rushing to outdoor activities. These factors include weather, surface, and how much gear you’ll need with you.

Coleman Hooligan Tent 3 is a good choice compared to its price segment. You can find other options for three-person tents, but that would be costly without any doubt. Be its price or quality, give you an excellent choice to consider it.

With its price segment, this camping tent is instead a decent option to consider and a perfect backpack to carry. Unfortunately, it is not built for extreme environmental conditions, but to some extent, it will survive. It is still a good thing to carry along with you despite its drawbacks.

To conclude, if you find this is the tent, which meets all of your needs, then grab it!!

After our detailed guide/review, we are pretty sure that you have found its specs, pros, and cons.

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