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How To Repair Broken Fiberglass Tent Pole? Easy Guide

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Fiberglass Tent Pole Repair Explained: Summertime calls for a spontaneous trip to the mountains and soaks in nature. Camping has been one of the adventures that people enjoy and have been enjoying for decades. Some people like to celebrate a new year and a particular occasion in their life with a camping party.

We are totally on board for some camping adventures anytime. However, camping can be an expensive adventure when you do not have a tent of your own. Instead of renting a tent every time, you can buy and maintain it. Tents can get damaged easily. However, fiberglass tent pole repair is not that difficult.

Repairing tent poles may seem like a task that a professional can handle only. However, it is not true; you can do it yourself also if you know the tactics. Many people with no technical experience think that fixing fiberglass poles is like some science project. We can assure you that there is no rocket science behind it.

All you need is to follow some clear instructions, and you will be good. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the ways to fix tent poles. It is perfect for people looking for how to repair broken fiberglass tent poles?

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How To Repair Broken Fiberglass Tent Pole – Necessary Things to Have

Fiberglass tent pole repair is not complicated, but you do need a few things for damage control. It may seem technical to get the damage sorted, but it is not. You just need to make a quick run to your local hardware store to get your hands on these things

But, If you are into repairing or at-home DIY projects, then chances are you already have these things. If not, you can get them from any store as they are not complicated to find. Let’s stop beating around the bush; these are the things you need to fix tent pole:

  • A sandpaper
  • Small or medium hacksaw
  • High-grip duct tape
  • Spare fiberglass pole

Repair instructions

Repairing tent poles require you to pay a little more attention and be mindful during the process. It is essential to be careful as you will be dealing with a hacksaw. It is better to wear protective gloves to ensure maximum safety protection. Let’s have a look at the process:

  • The first step involves analyzing the shock cord and seeing where the actual damaged area is located. The fiberglass pole or the shock cord is the one that runs from one end to the other; it kind of provides the structure. It is knotted on both ends for maximizing sturdiness and support.

  • Measure the damaged area accurately, take the spare pole, and cut off the measured section to replace it with the damaged area. 

  • Duct tape the area you need to replace, remove the duct tape, and start sanding down the area until smooth.

  • Remove the knot from one end and start taking out small sections until you reach the damaged part.

  • Replace the damaged area with a new fiberglass pole piece and re-thread it by putting parts back that you removed temporarily. You are all done!

Fiberglass Tent Pole Repair Process – Fiberglass Tent Pole Replacements

If you are going on a staycation or a mini camping trip, chances of you ending in some sort of emergency are highly likely. It is so disappointing to go on a camping trip and learn that your tent has some issues. Fiberglass pole damage is a common accident that can happen on such occasions.

It is super important to take fiberglass tent pole replacements and a repair kit with you. In this particular section, we will let you know the whole repair process in detail and what to do exactly when you end up with fiberglass pole damage.

1- Retrieve the shock cord

If you do not already know what a shock pole is, let us give you a brief detail. It is a cord that runs through the tent to give it sturdiness and support. It keeps small fragments of the pole together to provide it with a bend and flexibility.

When you have access to the shock cord, you can quickly locate the damaged part, replace it and have fun. It is also knotted on both the ends for better grip and sturdiness; get your hands on it.

2- Remove the duct tape

 You will find duct tape on the pole; it supports and keeps things in place. When you remove the duct tape, you will feel a sticky residue on the pole that may not be an ideal situation.

As mentioned above, you will need a piece of sandpaper to sort out the matter at hand. Get your hands on that sandpaper and start sanding until you get a smooth surface. Do not be too aggressive when sanding the pole, as it can cause further damage.

3- Untie the knot

After you get your hands on the shock pole and the above two steps are done, you must lay the shock pole flat on the ground. You have to analyze the damaged piece and see how far up the cord it is. Untie the knots at the end of the shock cord. This may not be a super easy task because the knot is usually tight to keep the tent sturdy.

If you cannot open it by yourself, you can take the help of a nose plier. Untie the knots one by one until you reach the damaged piece.

4- Measure and replace

One of the challenging parts here is to measure the damaged piece accurately and to use a hacksaw to cut the same measurement fiberglass pole from the spare one.

You have to particularly pay attention to this step as it can make or break everything, replace the damaged section of the pole with a new one, and start putting other pieces together. You have to tie knots tightly to ensure you have a better grip and sturdiness.

The whole process can take a while, but it is not difficult. You can put cord pieces back together from either side of the pole.

Use a Repair Sleeve

It is a simple process if you do not have to go through the big hassle of untying the shock cord pieces and putting them all back together. You can do it with a repair sleeve or a splint that comes with the tent when you purchase it. You can also get it from different shops and online.

However, you can check the tent box before ordering. You get the two broken pole pieces together and put the splint over them. If the pole pieces are bent, you need to straighten the bend with plyers or your hand before placing a splint. Put several layers of duct tape over it to secure the area. It is one of the simple fiberglass tent pole replacements you can do.

Use a Tent Stake

Tent stake is a lazy person hack and the quickest repair method. If you have tried everything and you are unable to repair it, we suggest using a tent stake. Tent stake is available everywhere and super simple to use.

You need to lay the broken poles down flat; if bent, use pliers to fix that first. Align the tent stake with the damaged part and use strong duct tape to put the pieces back together.

Alternative Method Using the Fiberglass Pole Repair Kit

If you go camping frequently and you need some sort of backup to get you out of broken fiberglass pole drama, then a repair kit is good to have. Repairing tent poles manually is too much hassle, and not all of us want to spend time getting the tent to stay.

Here comes the hero of the story that will make you want to go on several camping trips, the Coghlan’s fiberglass pole repair kit. Do you want to know more about it? Keep reading!

Coghlan’s Fiberglass Pole Repair Kit


  • Brand: Coghlan
  • Item Weight: 0.24 Pounds
  • Multi-Color
  • One-Size

Key features

Quick and easy  

One thing that most people find daunting in repairing a fiberglass pole is how long it takes. If you do not want to spend more than five minutes fixing the tent, then the Coghlan fiberglass pole repair kit has your back. It comes with a shock cord thread, four high-quality fiberglass poles, and end caps to fix the damage.

You have to find the damaged piece and replace it using the fiberglass pole and the end cap. Many campers trust this product and take it as a precautionary measure for camping trips.


If you want to have a hassle-free night in the tent where you can enjoy and relax, the structure is essential. Sometimes, a lousy-looking tent can be unwelcoming and, most importantly, not comfortable to spend the rest of the night.

We do think that the Coghlan fiberglass pole repair kit is one of the best available within the market as it comes with 9.5mm high-quality fiberglass poles that you can use to provide great structure to the tent.

Also, It has the whole kit that you can use to replace the damaged areas quickly. One of the best things about this kit is that it keeps the tent’s structure intact.

All-in-one kit

You do not want to buy ten thousand things separately to make your camping adventure worthwhile, do you? The more budget-friendly, the better; the Coghlan’s repair kit has to be one of the most affordable items and the most useful one. The repair kit has everything that needs to fix the issues.

You can also use fiberglass poles to replace the damaged ones. The end cap makes it easier to fix the pole in the loop without using duct tape. We recommend getting this if you want to have a hassle-free camping trip.


You do not want to use a cheap fiberglass pole for replacement as it can get damaged easily. The Coghlan fiberglass pole repair kit has high-quality replacement poles that do not get damaged easily. All the things in the kit are high-quality and user-friendly.

  • Comes with four 9.5mm fiberglass poles
  • Provides a highly stable base for the tent
  • Quick and easy to repair the damaged pole part
  • Keeps the tent sturdy even in sharp winds
  • Thin fiberglass

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How to Replace the Shock Cord?

Tents can get damaged all the time, that does not mean you will have to throw it out and get a new one. Sometimes, you can feel like the tent is getting looser and does not have enough sturdiness to keep it upright.

Well, we can assure you a few repairs and replacements can make it good as new. Replacing the shock cord can also do the trick. So, try it out before you throw the tent away. Here is how you can replace the shock cord:

Step 1: Take out the shock cord

The shock cord runs from one end to another. Usually, there is some kind of opening or mark on the tent through which you can retrieve the cord. Take the cord out and label that end with a marker so that you know where to put the cord back again.

Step 2: Pull the cord out

In this step, you have to unthread the pole and pull the cord out, and lay it flat on the ground. Measure the new cord so as to ensure it’s long enough. 

Step 3: Start threading the new cord

You can start threading the new cord and putting the pole pieces back into place. After you are done threading, tie a tight knot and cut loose ends.

ConclusionFiberglass Tent Pole Repair

Tents are expensive, but they get damaged very easily. Some people do not even try to fix the issue, and straight-up buy a new one. However, if you try a little bit, you can repair the tent and get good use out of them. Poles can get damaged quickly, but you can replace them using a few processes mentioned above. So, try these fiberglass tent pole repair methods and save some money.

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