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What is Heat treated Firewood? – Which firewood is better?

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What is Heat treated Firewood: It feels great to have a warm and inviting atmosphere, especially in winters. Setting up a cozy bonfire and enjoying soft music seems like a great thing to do. If you want to set up a great bonfire, the wood is a crucial part. There are different wood qualities available in the market, and a user can find themselves confused when making a choice. If you are going for a hike or camping, then bugs and insects are the primary purposes of concern. Firewood seems like a great option, so what is heat treated firewood? Most people are unaware of firewood, especially if you are new to camping and hiking. 

People consider firewood to be wood that has already been on fire. Heat-treated firewood is the choice of most people anyways. Heat-treated firewood is an excellent option for people who want to enjoy a bonfire and kill bugs simultaneously. If you are taking winter tents with stove to camping, then firewood is an outstanding option. Firewood is easy to light, and it does not suffocate a person with thick smog. Let’s have a look at all the attributes of firewood.

What is heat treated firewood?

Heat treated firewood is a great wood type, especially if you are going for outdoor activities. When going camping or a hike, it is essential to be safe. There have been quite a few instances of fire during high-altitude camping. Heat treated firewood is excellent if you want to have a safe bonfire or cooking experience while eliminating pathogens. The wood is heated in a temperature control kiln where sufficient fire is provided. If you are carrying a canvas tent with stove jacks, heat-treated firewood is a great option.

heat treated firewood
heat treated firewood

There are terrible insects in a forest area, and the mosquitos can make you never go camping again. However, people use a few tips and tricks to keep insects and pathogens at bay. While it is essential to use mosquito spray and repellent, firewood seems like a great option. The heat-treated firewood not only keeps insects at bay but is also excellent for cooking as well. A tent with wood stove is beneficial for a camping trip. You get to cook your food and have a great camping experience. If you need wood for cooking, then heat-treated firewood is ideal.

How to heat treat firewood?

People think that it is straightforward to heat-treat firewood. You may think you can put the wood into a fire for a few seconds and take it. Well, the process is not as easy as it seems; you need professional help to do so. You can heat treat firewood at home, but it can be a risky task as it involves fire. Wood catches fire at an impeccable speed; hence, you cannot take any risks. The wood needs to be heated and not burned. The whole process needs intense supervision and attention.

The timing of keeping the wood in a fire should be precise. You cannot put the wood into the fire and remove it instantly. Many heat-treat firewood manufacturers emphasize the importance of timing. You need to fire the wood in the sense that it creates enough smog to kill the insects and pathogens. However, the process should be performed in a controlled environment to avoid hazardous issues. If you are using heat-treated wood for the first time, then you must do it under supervision. The heat treatment process takes place in a kiln where wood is burnt moderately.

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Many firewood manufacturers use fully automated and temperature control kilns. It is essential to control the amount of time you keep the wood on the fire. A person needs to remove the wood from the fire as soon as it reaches the target temperature, which is 60-degree Celsius. Usually, it takes about 60-minutes for the wood to reach this temperature. However, one thing to remember when performing this process is that you cannot achieve the temperature at home. Hence, it is crucial to buy quality firewood from a local vendor or keep the winter tents with stove with you. You must invest in certified firewood, which is of excellent quality and safe to use.

Many pests in the forest can kill the forest vegetation. The government is continuously worried about killing the pest, eating up the wood, and fostering a healthy environment. Well, firewood is a solution which most people think is outstanding. There are non-native insects that live in firewood that tend to multiply at an impeccable pace. There have been many misconceptions around firewood, and it is essential to do your research before investing in one. There are government regulations around firewood, and it is best to buy certified firewood.

Which firewood is better?

Apart from the most asked question i.e. what is heat treated firewood; here’s another one! There are two kinds of firewood that people usually opt for; kiln-dried and heat treated firewood. People often have a hard time picking one as both seem to have similar functions. However, the ultimate choice also depends upon the region you live in. Multiple factors go behind firewood. Some firewood is not safe to use as they foster different kinds of pests within them. These pests are deadly for vegetation and forests. You do not want to have access to firewood that harms the environment and you. You can opt for a tent with wood stove to be on a safer side!  

1.     Kiln-dried firewood

kiln dried firewood vs heat-treated firewood

People always say positive things about kiln-dried firewood because it works perfectly to cook food and bonfire. As the name suggests, kiln-dried firewood is baked in a large kiln, and the temperature is thoroughly controlled. Kiln-dried firewood is the ultimate ride-or-die of many people as its moisture is thoroughly dried. After all the drying process, only 10 to 20% of the moisture remains, making it safe to use. If you are looking for wood to prepare meals, then this one works well. However, the efficiency of making kiln-dried firewood depends upon a place to place.

2.     Heat-treated firewood

Heat-treated firewood is slightly different from kiln-dried firewood. It is certified hard firewood, which is easy to burn and control. Most people opt for this wood when going on for bonfire and camping as it is safe yet catches fire quickly. The process of making heat-treated firewood is different from kiln-dried firewood. You need to consider when buying a log of heat-treated firewood if it is a heavyweight. Some restaurants make some foods on firewood. You can have a look at multiple certified heat-treated firewood sellers.

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Is it necessary to buy heat treated firewood?

 Heat-treated firewood has a lot of controversies attached to it. There are many things that a person needs to keep in mind when investing in firewood. You need to have a lot of information when buying firewood. When purchasing heat-treated firewood, you need to look at your country’s regulations. If you live in the US, then you need to buy certified heat-treated firewood. It is essential to select the right vendors that undoubtedly meet the quality standards. You must have a clear conversation with vendors and satisfy yourself.

If you are looking to camp in the national park vicinity or authoritative areas, you must ensure you have certified firewood. If you want to contribute to your social responsibility, then you must never use untreated wood. You do not only add to corporate social responsibility, but you also keep yourself safe by taking such protective measures. It is instructed not to bring firewood from your home as it may contain some kinds of pest that can put the environment in danger. When you buy firewood from a trusted vendor, you have more managerial options to explore.

How to tell if firewood is certified?

First of all, you must always go to a certified vendor when buying firewood. Some countries have no such restrictions. If you live in a country where you do not need certified firewood, you can use any wood. However, countries like America require you to use certified heat-treated wood. There are many places from where you can get your hands on certified wood. You can ask around the area to locate any timber stations. A person can find tons of information about certified firewood on the internet.

One way to find out if the firewood is certified or not is a tag on each wood. Sometimes, the tag or the stamp is so small that you are unable to locate it. There must be some sort of federal seal on the wood. If you cannot find it on your own, you can ask the vendor to locate it for you. One of the things you can do if there is no federal seal is asked for certification from the vendor. The vendor must have some sort of legal proof to show they make certified firewood.

Is it justifiable to use firewood from home?

Most people think that they can bring their firewood from home when they are going camping. However, this should not be the case if you want to follow all the rules and regulations. Yet, if you’re going to go to private property for camping, you have a little bit of control over what kind of wood you use. However, when it comes to camping on public property, you need to follow all the rules. Before going camping, find out some information about the area or whether or allow regular wood.

If you are camping or lighting a fire outside of the private property, you need firewood with USDA certification. It may seem like a big hassle to you to go and find certified woods. However, some properties provide visitors access to certified firewood. If you are going to the national park or state park for camping, you cannot take any kind of wood. If you are buying from lumbar scraps, it is not a great idea. Gypsy moths infest themselves in the firewood and make it pointless to buy it.

When people go to any kind of Public Park, such as a state park or national park, they cannot make a fire pit or touch any tree. Well, the reason is understandable because the government aims to preserve the park. If you bring firewood from your home, there is no guarantee that the wood will be free of pathogens or insects. If you introduce the wood pests into the forest, then there is a possibility that you will destroy the ecosystem. We do not want such instances to occur; hence, try to buy certified wood always.

What is the cost of heat-treated wood?

People always shy away from buying heat-treated wood because they think it will cost them a fortune. Regardless of the price, you still have to invest in heat-treated wood for the reasons we mentioned above. The price of heat-treated timber varies from area to area. In urban areas, you may find wood to be a little pricey. 

If we take a look at overall statistics in the US, a 0.75-cubic certified wood costs around $5 on average.  For heat-treated firewood, you will have to pay anywhere from $4 to $6. In normal circumstances, you need at least $10 wood to keep the fire alive. It is not so bad if you are going camping with multiple people. If you split the wood cost, it costs close to nothing for a day of camping.


People think that there is no need to educate themselves about small matters. If you know what heat treated firewood is, you can be more responsible for camping. It is okay to have fun and spend quality time with friends. However, it is also crucial to take care of the environment and be as socially responsible as possible. If you are going camping, even on private property, you must opt for certified heat-treated firewood.

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