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How long can chiggers live on clothes?

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How long can chiggers live on clothes? Chiggers can live on clothes for 50-70 days. It is because they have a lifecycle of 50-70days. But you can get rid of them earlier and do some precautions.

Let’s take a look,

It feels great to go to a mountainous area to camp and hike. However, the fear of a mosquito or chigger attack always clouds our minds. It is essential to go decked up rather than spend the whole night in discomfort and agony. Most people do not have any idea about what chiggers are.

Well, if chiggers bite you, then you will probably spend your time itching yourself like a madman. But How long can chiggers live on your clothes? Well, people are concerned about this when going camping. Regardless of taking preventative measures, you never know when you get attacked by chiggers.

How long can chiggers live on clothes

 Hence, prevention and caution can save you from living in agony. It is crucial to avoid areas in which you think chiggers dwell. People usually ask questions such as how long can chiggers live on you.

To answer the question, it depends on what types of chiggers you are exposed to. In worst cases, chiggers can live up to one month, which you do not want at all. Chiggers do not tend to stay that long on the skin, but it undoubtedly makes you go mad in a little time. In this article, you will learn all about chiggers, how long they stay, and how to prevent them.

What are chiggers?


Chiggers are nasty little creatures that you do not even see through your naked eye. They are small and have a red color which is not often perceived as an insect. They belong to the Trombiculidae family, and the insect can make you itch like crazy. Some people think that chiggers penetrate the skin and can cause deadly diseases. However, it is nothing like that because they look for softer areas on your skin and settle on it.

How long can chiggers live in your house? People have different concerns when it comes to chiggers, and each concern is valid. Chiggers tend to live on your skin without your knowledge and even your house. As soon as you get to know you have chiggers, you must take action to get rid of them.

They are not only vile creatures; they tend to multiply in seconds. If you ever go camping and end up in a chigger dwell, they sit on tightly covered areas. You will probably feel the most itch in your pants as they sit in dark and tight places.

The chigger life cycle:

chiggers lifecycle

People think that chiggers live for ages; however, the truth is they multiply faster than you can imagine. Chiggers’ life cycle is anywhere between 50 to 70 days which seems like a lot. In most cases, chiggers live up to a month. The lifecycle of chiggers depends upon four stages; egg, larva, nymph, and adult. However, it can take quite a while for the whole lifecycle to complete, and then chigger lives for a bit after developing fully. Chiggers feed on the skin cells to live, and they get full nourishment when they eat skin cells.

The whole process of chiggers gaining nourishment through skin cells causes a lot of itch and irritation. A person can bleed or have red scratches all over their skin when they scratch too much.

A female chigger can lay five to eight eggs in one go anywhere on the skin. Hence, most people fear the chigger multiplication more than the chigger itself. It takes about seven days for an egg to hatch, and then it turns into a six-leg larva. When the larva attaches to the host, it feeds from it and develops into a full adult. The adults are ready to mate and further multiply the chigger population.

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Where do chiggers’ dwell?

There is no country or area of the world which does not have Chiggers. Chiggers are found everywhere, and they usually grow in a moist place. People often complain about a chigger attack when they go on camping trips. People typically find Chiggers in Spanish mosses hanging from large tropical trees.

Researchers say that it is a myth that Chiggers are in vegetation or moist areas. However, most people find itch or find Chiggers in tropical regions. Hence, people recommend not resting against a tree when going for a hike or camping.

People living in Southeast Asia find Chiggers in mosses and avoid resting against them in any case. When you brush against the tree or any moist plant, you will probably end up having a crazy itch. In some humid areas such as Africa, people’s houses get attacked by Chiggers. How long can Chigger live on you?

Well, some people have this misconception that Chigger can penetrate your skin. On the other hand, Chigger only lives over your skin; hence, you get rid of it when you take a bath. In some cases, chiggers can stay on your skin if you do not scrub it well.

How long can chiggers live on clothes?

People who experience Chigger attacks tend to dump their clothes. Some people have a misconception that you can never get rid of chiggers even if you wash your clothes. However, there are certain tricks that you have to use to ensure you get rid of Chiggers. Mostly, you can bring back a chigger in your clothes after a camping night or a hiking trip. It is highly likely for a chigger to stick to your skin in one go. Hence, they dwell in your clothes until they get access to your skin.

Sometimes, if you are lucky, you only get a few chigger bites even when thousands of them stick to your clothes. Even if you dust your clothes or wiggle them in the air, you will still have some chiggers lingering in your clothes. The tightly woven garments are likely to make a fantastic chigger dwelling.

So, how long can chiggers live on clothes? Well, the answer depends upon the type of clothes and how you wash them. The right way to wash clothes and get rid of chiggers is to dip your clothes in steaming hot water. After soaking your clothes in hot water, clean them thoroughly and dry them under a scorching sun.

How long can chiggers live in your house?

It seems like a worse nightmare to have a chigger attack in your house. It is highly likely for your home to get attacked by a Chigger army if you live in a humid environment and your house is made of wood. People usually complain of a chigger attack when it’s the rainy season. It feels like living in hell because you itch every second of the day.

A person with a chigger attack in their house will probably need to call professionals for fumigation. Chiggers multiply at a crazy speed; hence, you can’t kill them on your own. They sit in tiny close spaces and lay multiple eggs in one go.

People can go crazy when Chiggers attack their house because they cannot get rid of them in one go. You have to call professionals for fumigation multiple times and use insect sprays. So, how long can chiggers live in your house? The answer depends on how bad the situation is.

How long can chiggers live in your bed?

People often ask how long can chiggers live in your bed. Well, what can be worse than having chiggers in your bed? Imagine getting attacked by thousands of chiggers in the middle of your sleep. The idea of having chiggers in your house and specifically your bed seems deadly. Chiggers tend to grow at a crazy limit.

Hence, you cannot wait for chiggers to die on their own. On average, a chigger lives up to one month or even more. Therefore, it is crucial to take preventative measures to get rid of them.

The right way to get rid of chiggers from your bed is to remove the mattress. It is an excellent idea to throw away your existing mattress and get a new one. Chiggers seep into little holes in the mattress and make an army within it. However, you must keep your mattress under direct sun for at least ten days if you cannot afford a new one.

You can also spray an insect spray on your mattress and bed frame, keep them both under direct sunlight. You can use a damp cloth to clean the mattress and bedframe before using it again thoroughly.

How long can chiggers live on you?

Some people have a horrible experience with chiggers that they shiver at the thought of them. People do not go camping or hiking because they feel intimidated by the idea of having to deal with a chigger attack.

Some people assume that a chigger will live on them forever and penetrate their skin to cause some deadly disease. However, there is no truth in this fact because chiggers only sit on a person’s skin. You feel the most itch on areas with the most friction, such as in your armpit, between your thighs, belly button, etc. 

How long can chiggers live on your skin? Chiggers can live on your skin for about one to two days. If you are on a trip and get attacked by chiggers, make sure you shower before you reach home.

You do not want to take the deadly insect with you for no reason. When you shower, it is essential to use bearable hot water because it helps in killing chiggers. You must scrub your body and, specifically, your joints thoroughly. It is possible not to get rid of it in one go. Hence, it is necessary to keep showering and using aloe vera to get rid of redness.

Does chigger penetrate in hair?

Well, chiggers are the punishment from heaven because they can make you go crazy with discomfort and itchiness. People think that chiggers cannot penetrate hair; however, it is a big misconception. However, it can take time for chiggers to latch to your scalp or skin when they attack your hair. If you shower with warm water and use shampoo sparingly, you should be able to get rid of them. 

Do chiggers live on animals?

Animals such as dogs and cats are usually immune to chiggers due to the thick fur coating. However, they can get chiggers on their head region.

Mostly, chiggers live in animal ears which can make them extremely uncomfortable. However, regular baths and visits to the vet can keep the situation under control. In many cases, people do not keep their animal ears clean because it seems like a big hassle.

However, it is essential to clean animal ears and take them to the vet to avoid ear infections. A pet owner must not take their pet near a chigger dwell because it can give a person and pet both a hard time.

How long can chiggers live on clothes

Preventing a chigger attack:

There is so much more to life than cancelling a hiking plan due to chigger fear. It is essential to keep your distance from a chigger habitat, but you can follow some preventative tips. When going for a hike in humid weather, try to wear full sleeve clothes and boots. You can also tug in your pant leg within your shoes to avoid itching even if you get into a chigger attack. 

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You may die on the inside with heat,’ but you are not going to itch like crazy. You can also check out some of the chigger preventative sprays that work wonders to keep them away. You can either use the spray form or the lotion form; both work great. Try to opt for tightly woven clothes as they do not give chigger’s space to penetrate and stick to your skin.

How long can chiggers live on clothes – Conclusion

How long can chiggers live on clothes? Chiggers can live on clothes for 50-70 days. It is because they have a lifecycle of 50-70days. But you can get rid of them earlier and do some precautions.

We have mentioned all the right tips to help you get rid of chiggers and also prevent them. There is no fun in life if you do not explore due to any reason. However, you would not be turning down a camping or hiking trip due to chiggers now. You can read all the precautions and measures to take for chiggers above. Hopefully, this article will help you figure out your action plan against deadly chiggers.

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