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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Tent

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Tent: When it comes to having a memorable day, a wedding indoors is not always enough to save the day. They usually cost more and don’t provide the complete package. Outdoors is the perfect answer to this problem. It can provide magnificent scenery and mesmerizing backgrounds to your wedding reception or ceremony.

The outdoor wedding or party is only possible due to wedding tents, and they are budget-friendly. Now, people get confused about whether to buy a wedding tent or rent it. The perfect answer is to rent it!

When you buy a wedding tent, it can cost you a massive amount of bucks, and there will be no more use for it, but when you rent it, it is budget-friendly, and you wouldn’t be dealing with it forever.

 When you buy a tent, you have to pay the labour charges to erect it and many other hidden charges. But when you rent a tent, all of these services are included in the package.

According to analysis, about 97% of the couples choose to rent a wedding tent. Here is our detailed guide about how much does it cost to rent a tent:

How much does it cost to rent a tent- Buying VS Renting?

Buying the party tent or renting the party tent is a big debate, but according to the experts’ advice and analysis, having a rental party tent is the best option. Rental party tents are budget-friendly and cost less than buying a party tent.

When you buy a party tent, it is expensive. To erect it, you have to pay the labour for it and for all the additional and compulsory services like catering, furniture, decorations, etc. you have to spend money on that.

When you go for a rental tent, the expenses are more budget-friendly. The rental company will provide all the labour, workforce, caterers, lighting, furniture, decorations, etc.

Types of Wedding Tents you can Rent for Party and Wedding  

There are various types of wedding tents in the market to choose from. Their framework and composition material vary from tent to tent, creating variations in their shapes and aesthetics. Here are some types of wedding tents you can choose from:

  • Pole Tents:

The pole tents are generally placed on a ground clearing. They can be easily placed on the grass. They consist of poles at the end and usually one at the centre to support the fabric made covering. These poles can generally be decorated with flowers or other decorative materials.

  • Frame Tents:

Frame tents are more adaptable than other types of tents. They can easily accommodate several surfaces like ground, concrete, asphalt, or a deck. They don’t consist of poles; they just rely on a framework to accommodate more companions giving off more space.

  • Sperry Tents:

They are pole styled tents made up of sailcloth fabric. They work best for space. They are a combination of frame tent and pole tent and can be used on many surfaces. They work best for narrow spaces. If you are planning for a small ceremony, give this tent a kick.

  • Sailcloth Tents:

The sailcloth tents are made up of semi-translucent and lighter material, which lets the light in during the daytime, and it makes the tent glow in the evening functions. They are most beautiful and aesthetic among other types, and it is capable of giving your tent, an intimate feel.

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How Much does It Cost to Rent a Tent for a Wedding:

Event rentals come in handy on your big day. How much does it cost to rent a tent for a wedding? With having a rental tent, you will have other things like chairs, Lighting, cutlery, etc. Rental tents might cost more, but not more than buying them. You can’t buy anything and everything so renting is the best option.

In case of a bad forecast, you may need a reserved tent to fight the consequences.

How Much do Wedding Tents Cost

There are many companies that provide wedding tent rental services. The average price of tents varies widely, but the average starting price of rent is $300 in the US. On another analysis, rental tents cost from $.65 to $1.40 per square foot. With respect to size, a rental tent of size 15X15 square feet would cost between $145 to $165, and it can easily accommodate 16-20 people inside. For a 40X80 square foot tent, the prices might be from $950 to $1040, and it can accommodate 256-320 with ease.

What Rented Wedding Tent Include?

There are a considerable fraction of dealers who provide additional needs in the rental tent package. If you buy it, it will cost you more bucks than your budget. But rental companies are the solution. Rental companies offer a wide range of additional like tables, chairs, linens, and much more to emboss your wedding theme and design. Some of the additionals which may or not be included in the package are:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Linens and Dance floor
  • Drapery and Lighting
  • Furniture and Audio equipment
  • Vases and vessels
  • Flatware and Glassware

Some rental companies provide these features in their package, while some extra cost bucks to light up the show.

Is Labor Included in Wedding Rental Costs?

The labour top-up is the thing you have to pay when you are buying the tent. But in this case, we are renting it, so there will be no extra labour charges for erecting the tent. All of the catering services and technical services are included in the package of the rental tent.

So rental tents are not going to cost you some extra bucks.

What Are Some Ways to Save on Wedding Rental Costs?

There are many ways to save bucks on your big day without altering your plans or theme. Prices might be uncontrollable, but following simple tricks might do the job. Some of the ways are:

  • Research: Just don’t rely on a single rental company. You must approach and talk to several companies and place your offers to find the best deal for your big day. After this, you may be able to find considerable differences in pricing and discounts between various vendors.

  • Accurate Guest Count: You should always keep an eye on the guest count and make sure that your rental company has exact numbers so that there would be no problem in the venue with the number of chairs, tables, or cutlery.

  • Double Job Chairs: If your wedding ceremony and reception are in the same place, just try to use the same chairs for both. If you go this way, you must provide sufficient time in the form of a cocktail to the vendor to quickly move chairs from place to place.

  • Lessen the Fancy Linens: Fancy Linens on the tables are a costly option if you are on a tight budget. Instead of these, you must choose Luxe table coverings.
How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Tent

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Tent For a Party:

If you are housing a cake and gifts away from the sun at a birthday party or seating the guests for a grand feast, party tents are a perfect solution. They are an essential part of any outdoor affair. At least, they are the backbone of any outdoor festival or celebration. How much does it cost to rent a tent for a party? Here is a simple answer.

How Much it Costs to Rent a Party Tent?

The party tent can cost anywhere from $100 for a small 10X10 or $20,000 for massive sized festivals. On average, a 20X20 party tent can cost around $200 to $500. The standard 20X40 party tent can cost about 300$ and $750 per day. Depending on an additional feature like tent sidewalls, rain gutters, tent lighting, etc. can cost you more.

Finding the Right Party Tent

When thinking of renting a party tent, it is vital to have a look at the square footage of the tent. Generally, it is 10 square feet for a person attending your party. Poles and ropes often consume more space, so you must have a look at that aspect. If you plan to invite 20 guests, your party tent must be 10X20 or 20X20 to accommodate more decorations and space.

You will need to choose a party tent that has a style to match your theme and decoration. Here are some popular party tents which are widely used:

  • Pop up Tents: Pop up tents are budget-friendly, and they are very quick and easy to setup. They consist of a metal framework. But the problem is that they are small and not suited for larger gatherings.

  • Pole Tents: Pole tents consist of fabric covering supported by poles, which can be decorated according to the theme, but these poles acquire more space and are limited to the ground surfaces only.

  • Frame Tents: Frame Tents are comfortable to set up at any place; they can accompany numerous bodies, but they require many people to set up and are more expensive.

  • High Peak Frame Tent: The high peak tents consists of a long center pole with side poles. They look magnificent and ideal for large-sized festivals, but they are very difficult to set up.

Party and Wedding Ceremony Essentials and Their Cost:

It is essential to entertain your guests thoroughly to make your big day and their presence worth memorable. Usually, many ceremonies without ceremony essentials are tasteless.

Here are things you can add to your party or ceremony to light up the show

  • Entertainment: A party without music is nothing but a mistake. So you must arrange a proper DJ booth to sweeten your party with mesmerizing melodies of the music. Some rental companies charge about $270 for this ultimate service.

  • Furniture: There is a huge variety of furniture available in rental companies. You can choose from classic tables and chairs to modern minimalistic furniture. The starting price for tables is $45, and for chairs, it is $12.

  • Dance Floor: To light the things up, the dance floor is a perfect option, along with a DJ Booth. A dance floor measuring 1.62X1.62 feet costs between $50 to $100.

  • Party Linen: Linen is a beautiful option to cover tables giving off a lavish, aesthetic, and luxurious look. They can cost you between $8 to $15. Thus if you need 100 pieces at a price of $15, you have to add $1500 to the budget.

  • Anchors: TentAnchors are essential to enjoy a hassle-free and safe experience. They can cost between $0.3 to $5, depending on the quality and shape you choose.

  • Cover: Fancy covers of the tent indeed adds sparkles to your avenue. They cost around $30 to $80 per square feet depending on decorations and quality.

  • Curtains: Curtains provide a heart-clenching look to your avenue, along with providing privacy. They cost around $2 per curtain, and most vendors have a minimum order limitation on these.

  • Flooring: Floorings may consist of wood or other compositions, and they cost between $1 to $2.50 per square foot. If your tent size is 10X30, you will be paying somewhat like $600.

  • Lighting: It is truly said, “Everyone shines, given the right lighting.” So if you will assist your tent with suitable Lighting, it would be a sight to watch. There are several lighting solutions to choose from. Chandeliers, market lighting, par lighting are the options. A chandelier costs about $130, and par and market lighting cost about $200.

  • Sidewalls: If the forecast is against the expectations, you will need sidewalls to protect the avenue from rain or strong winds. Sidewalls will do the job, costing around $1 to $4 per foot.

  • Glass Door: Glassdoor will give the entrance that aesthetic and gleamy look. It costs around $50 to $150 per piece.

  • Generator: To compel with the power solutions, the generator would be a perfect option. It costs around $250 for a function.

  • Air Conditioner and Heater: Nobody loves to stay warm in summer and chilly in winter. So you must spend some money on an air conditioner in summer and a heater in winter to give your guests a feeling of comfort. It costs around $500 to $5000 depending on the size of the avenue.

Decoration Ideas and Layout:

You don’t have to relyed on traditional, boring, and less aesthetic decorations and design layouts. Just imply some innovation and see the magic; your dream venue will be in front of your eyes. 

Here are some ways towards a perfect decoration and design layout with their approximate rental cost.

Design Layouts

Well, you must be wondering how much it costs to rent a tent for an event and what are the essentials you need to consider; here is a look out!

  • Appealing Entrance: If you want your venue to bring laurels, you must start working with the entrance. It is the first impression of your venue. Most of the judgments about things are carried out at first impression. So your entrance plays a vital role in it. We recommend that you should give a glassdoor to your entrance with its surroundings decorated with floral beds, gleaming decorations, excellent Lighting, and glasswork. It can cost you about $650.

  • Cover the Poles: Poles are the thing of which most people are not a fan of. They tend to destroy the beauty and aesthetics of the venue. But when they are utilized to their extent, they can glorify your decorations with ease. You can decorate poles with flowers, curtains, or gleamy coverings, which are readily available in the market, and they can make poles a part of the decoration. It costs around $120 to $150.

  • Glorify the Ceiling: The pre-built ceilings are not decoration friendly. Think of customizing the ceiling according to your decoration theme to make the ceiling a part of the decoration. Using flowers and colorful Lighting will do the job. Lighting is the best option as it gives a ceiling, pure aesthetics, and enlightens the whole venue up, costing around $70 to $150.

  • Sidewalls: Apart from protection from rain and wind, sidewalls can fill empty spaces and be decorated with french windows, flowers, and Lighting to glorify the decorations. They cost around $80 to $120 with decorations.


  • Lighting: Adding lights to the tent gives it an eternal glow. String lights and fairy lights are popular, but you can go with chandeliers as well. Complete Lighting can cost you around $600.

  • Clothing: In the tent’s arrangement, give extra ripples, folds, and curves to the fabric to add different textures and give it a more appealing look. It costs around $130.

  • Good Colorizing: On a simple tent, you can add the colors through streamers, ivy, or floral garlands, which will give a boom to your theme and will add life to the simple tent. This decoration costs around $70.

  • Add Textures: Instead of going with only one material for a tent, choose various materials like colorful, transparent, and translucent to give your tent your dream aesthetics. This process can fetch around $160 from your pocket.

ConclusionHow Much Does It Cost to Rent a Tent

Now you are well aware of all the rental tents available in the market and their top-ups. With this ‘’ how much does it cost to rent a tent’’ guide, we hope that you are going places, knowing everything from A-Z. Just keep an eye on pricing, which is very lucrative these days, and you will be ready to be an expert by yourself. Just be very picky when seeking vendors, and you will strike a perfect deal!

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