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How to Keep Spiders Out Of Your Tent? Simple hacks

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Even if you’re not afraid of spiders, it’s probably still a good idea to keep spiders out of your tent. Spiders can be pretty destructive; they can sneak into your clothes and eat their way through the inside of your tent. They leave behind webbing that is hard to clean up, and some species are poisonous! But don’t worry – there are easy ways to prevent this from happening. There are lots of great products you can buy at places like Amazon or REI that will help keep the spiders away (although nothing works as well as simply staying away from really boggy areas so you can also get rid of chiggers.).

The thought of going for a camping trip along with friends or family surely excites every one of us. It not only gives us beautiful memories and but also gives us mental relief. But wait, if you are going to a place like a forest or jungle, then you will be surrounded by trees, grass, animals, etc. That means you will also have to take care of some precautions.

Nature in a wild area is not ever so safe as they don’t only consist of trees and mountains. However, varieties of tiny or huge creatures could be found there, which may be proven dangerous for us, creatures like spiders.

Spiders are small/ or tiny creatures; there are many types. We all thought they couldn’t harm us. However, it would help if you didn’t take them lightly as they can cause a severe allergic problem with their venoms. (Don’t think you’ll become a spiderman after the biting of the spider).

It would be best if you keep taking care of this scenario. Here we have given the best way to keep spiders out and away.

Let’s get into the details.

How to Keep Spiders Out Of Your Tent – Simple hacks

These are some of the proven techniques to get rid of spiders from your camping tent.

1- Inspect your gear before packing

Before going for a camping trip, it should be your top priority to check your camping gear before leaving. Also, it is common to store the camping gear in the garage, where is a big possibility that spiders will start webbing, and laying eggs there.

So if you haven’t checked your camping gear yet, the first thing you should do is do this task before proceeding.

2- Your camping site should be suitable.

Damps, water bodies, and tree lines alongside your campsite could be the biggest reason behind the abundance of spiders. If you have your tent near trees, spiders can easily make their web to trap other creatures as their trays.

Also, they can come inside your tent. Always try to land on a place having a large amount of air, where the air flows because spiders don’t like the places having airflow.

They constantly seek a less windy area, so setting your camp gear in an open area with a wide range of air will make them less survive in your tent.

However, if you cannot find a clean place for placing a tent with no bushes and trees, then making tent traps above your tent would be the best option to get rid of spiders, so the spider cannot reach your tent even by falling from above.

3- Repair holes in your tent

How to Keep Spiders Out Of Your Tent

If you have checked your camping gear entirely and made sure not to have any web along with spiders, don’t rely your camping on this. There are still chances of entering spiders in your tent. And this could be due to holes in your tent. Spiders are usually harbored on campsites in search of food.

So for getting spiders away from your tent, then you should have to inspect your pavilion and make sure it won’t have any holes. Always take a tent repair kit along with you to repair the holes; duct tape can also do the same work if you have no repair kit.

4- Keep the Green Color Out of Your Tent

There is a special kind of vision in spiders which is called “DICHROMATIC VISION.” The spiders, especially Wolf spiders, have this kind of vision.

Dichromatic vision mainly means only seeing green color as well as ultraviolet. Wolf spiders fall to spiders having this type of vision can have color blindness; they are very responsive to the light with green wavelength. If you don’t like spider-infested tents, then you’ll have to place any green layer in or above your tent. This is the best way to keep spiders out.

5- Avoid the meals Inside Your Tent

If we ever feel hungry, we search for the food and eat them to forget hungrier, and if we ever feel hungry while camping doesn’t eat inside the camp. Eating inside the camp gear can leave food particles in the surrounding, which could be food for many different insects, especially spiders.

Spiders love to eat bugs, living things, and much more stuff you are having. So they always seek food; if you have scrapped food particles in your tents, this could be the invitation sign for spiders to come.

Avoid the meals Inside Your Tent

I always go for a camping trip after small intervals; I do lunch, snacks, or dinner out of my camp, And never did this inside to make sure not to spread food particles around. Whether for spiders or no spiders, we should keep our surroundings clean, although a dirty environment can cause many diseases and unhealthy.

It’ll be the best practice to keep your tent clean from any leftover food or garbage like trashes and disposable kinds of stuff.

Apart from this, if you still need to keep any food inside, then you’ll have to use an airtight box or any container to keep food in them. In the way, food’s smell remains the container, not attracting any bugs, spiders, or insects.

Pro tip: Always remember to close the entrance of your tent while leaving for head out or hiking etc. So no spiders can be able to enter your tent. If still, you got a spider in your tent, then do not need to be worried we have explained how to scar spiders away.

6- Avoid Using Sweet-Smelling Products

We use the fragrance of body sprays, scents, hand wash, and some other stuff for a fresh feel. If you don’t take a bath, then your body odor could be smell terrible. For this reason, we use fragmented products. But taking these products along with us to the campsite will be a little dangerous, as these smells attract spiders towards camp.

Some scents such as lemon do repel the spiders. Therefore, more of them are the smells that attract spiders. So we don’t recommend using scents inside your tent.

Instead of using fragmented products, its opposite scents and deodorants can be the best option for taking care of your body. However, try to avoid using these kinds of stuff at camping; you could utilize them for smelling best at home.

This is how you can clean your tent that smells.

7- Keep Your Camp Dark

Keep Your Camp Dark to Keep Spiders Out Of Your Tent

We all constantly need light for seeing things; without light everywhere, it’ll be darkness. In the same way, spiders or some other insects always tend to a bright area. If you have any led lights inside your tent, try to switch them off while not using them, or only use them after zipping the tent properly. This will keep away spiders.

Here are some best blackout tents.

8- Campfire Will Keep Them Away

Joyful camping is always incomplete without a bonfire. We first collect the woods, but for them in a single place together for making flame. This flame provides us heat and light; however, do you know it also repels bugs and spiders! Yes, this flame is also beneficial for keeping away tiny creatures, such as mosquitoes, spiders, and many more.

Turning a good bonfire flame outside the tent before sleeping will be proven best; take the residues and spread them around your camp. Try to spread them on dry land not to turn them off, and it will become the best repellent around your tent for spiders and bugs.

Make sure to keep any petroleum or fuel away from soldering, as this can make a massive fire around you while sleeping.

9- Utilize Chemical Sprays

Using chemical sprays in natural places is not the recommended method; as we all are guests here in Nature, we should take care of it.

However, if spiders disturb you, you can get rid of them by using such sprays.

Two kinds of sprays have been for a long time: killing the spiders and 2nd to repel them from around.

1.    Killing spray

The spray having poisonous chemicals for spiders directly attacks the CNS (central nervous system) of spiders or bugs, as they get the spray inside through the porous skin. Once their brain gets disabled, they eventually die. These chemicals can also come in the form of granules which can spread throughout our tent.

These granules contain Bifenthrin chemicals in the quantity of 0.115%, which is the main element of the chemical.

2.    Repellent sprays

Repellents are the recommended chemicals to keep spiders away. These compounds don’t kill spiders; instead, they repel them away from the place of spray as repellent sprays come with a powerful smell that spiders hate. These repellents are very useful as they don’t harm Nature. Just keep these insects away but don’t kill them, which will keep Nature in its absolute position. They don’t have long-lasting effects.

10- Use Natural Repellents

The homemade chemicals by using household substances to make repellents for spiders are called natural repellents. These have a very significant effect on spiders and bugs because of their solid acidic smell.

These repellents don’t harm you and are 100 secure, which means safe for children and pets while camping.

11- Few homemade repellents

White vinegar

Spiders hate any citrous thing; white vinegar is the best option to kill or repel spiders away, and it includes acetic acid that causes harm to spiders.


Prepare a dilute solution by adding white vinegar along with water. Just spread it around by using a sprayer. Covering the inside, outside, and on your tent will be very good, and it’ll keep away the spiders. It’s a natural substance, so don’t worry; it doesn’t harm Nature or the environment as bifenthrin does.

Peppermint Oil

It’s the second better natural repellent on our list, which can be readily available anywhere.


Just mix 25 – 30 drops of peppermint oil with 2 cups of water in a bottle (if you don’t have you can order it from amazon). Now spray this liquid around your tent, which will repel the bugs and spiders and leave a beautiful odor.


Spreading cinnamon in the surroundings, spraying it, and placing pine cones can make the spiders leave your area. It also makes an exquisite fragrance around your tent.

Are all spiders venomous/poisonous?

There are 3000+ species of spiders that have been classified. A lot of them are poisonous/venomous, while many are not dangerous. The venoms spiders only use to paralyze their prey; paralyzing helps them to eat quickly. So paralyzing prey with the help of venoms is just for defense and hunting purposes.

In the massive amount of species of spiders, there are only two famous ones that are venomous. Those are “THE BLACK WIDOW” and “THE BROWN RECLUSE.”

Latrodectus (the black widow)

Latrodectus is a poisonous spider named a black widow because it always ate its mate just after mating.

This species can easily be recognized, and as it has a sharp red hourglass type sign on the back, this is the portion where it stores neurotoxin, a venom to paralyze its prey.

The black widow’s poison doesn’t have the power to kill a person; however, nausea, dizziness, and breathing problems can result from the bitting of this spider. The symptoms can remain for a few days until you inject an antitoxin into your body.

Loxosceles reclusa (the brown recluse)

The brown recluse is a spider with venom that is somehow less poisonous than the black widow. It’s the most common type of spider found in North America. Local tissue can be damaged by the bit of BR, which may result from an ulcer.

Here I’ll tell you that we are not the primary food source for spiders, so they usually don’t bite human beings. If spider bit you in case, you’ll even don’t feel this.

What is spider phobia (arachnophobia)? How to treat it?


Arachnophobia is the scientific name of FEAR FROM SPIDER. In this mental disorder, a person gets fear from a spider, and even it’s just a tiny creature. There are a few treatments for this phobia which are given below.

  • A person who can expose himself to spiders and think with the slogan I CAN BEAT SPIDER will surely successfully get rid of this fear.
  • CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) this treatment can also b helpful in beating this phobia.

Suppose you are a person who doesn’t go camping or somewhere else outside just because the fear of a spider will increase your fear level. The best solution is to face this problem, or if you can do it, you should get the help of any professional person.

Reading a self-help book about arachnophobia can also help you to overcome this fear.

Being an arachnophobic person doesn’t mean being ashamed; this is a well-known disorder many people may have.

Reason behind the attraction of spiders towards campsites?

The biggest reason behind the attraction of spiders towards your camp is the food. As all of us always need food constantly, in the same way, the spiders also need food for a living. Their food sometimes includes smaller or bigger creatures or insects.

Other kinds of insects also do the same, such as mosquitoes biting humans to get our blood as their food.

Spiders, on the other side, always seek for dark or a place with no light entrance. So tent could be the darkest place with many more corners to make a web for themselves. So campsite is the best place for them to build a home. Additionally, they also search for a place with moderate conditions while very cold or sweltering outside.

How to keep spiders out of your tent – Conclusion

We have discussed all the aspects of how to keep spiders out of your tents. Spiders are tiny creatures same as others, but people don’t like them ever. Consequently, spiders should not have to disturb you; however, they don’t have a mind like human beings.

So I will keep continue disturbing you and make a spider-infested tent. As a result, you’ll have only one option: to kill or repel them by using the above methods or chemicals we have described.

As we explained a lot of information about spiders and the remedies to keep them out of your tent. However, the most important fact is that you should face this fear about spiders and learn to live life without any fear. Overcoming the fears make you solid and robust.

These tiny creatures only harm you if you trap them; however, don’t worry. Even if they bite you, it’s not lethal.

If you are afraid of spiders, you don’t want them when you camp. Your camping trip will take a turn for the worse when they show up in your shelter.

If you follow all the necessary measures we have described, I am sure this will keep all the spiders away from your tent, and finally, you’ll get rid of them.

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