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How To Make a Whoopie Sling?

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What makes backpacking trips even more remarkable is lying in a hammock all day. But, You can only enjoy a fancy hammock if you know how to set it up. A Whoopie sling can help you in this case. If you are wondering how to make a whoopie sling, we are here to help you with it.

Backpacking trips are one of the best things if you have an adventurous side to you. When you sit at the end of the year and remember some of the moments you cherish the most, a spontaneous trip by the beach or mountains stands out the most.

Some people are clueless as to what a whoopie sling is, and we cannot blame them. A whoopie sling is not a very famous thing, but it is a pretty helpful thing. Setting a hammock in the middle of a jungle is not the most practical thing. How do you make your wish come true then?

Here is where the whoopie sling turns out to be a hero and saves you from distress. It acts as a hinge to attach the hammock. In this article, we will talk about the whoopie sling and how to DIY whoopie sling?

What is a Whoopie Sling?

If you have not ever heard about a whoopie sling, we are sure you are in for a surprise. You will usually find a whoopie sling with a person that goes on a backpacking trip a lot. It is incredibly lightweight, hence, fits perfectly in a backpack, but serves excellent purposes.

It is a piece of rope that forms a loop; it is designed uniquely. The loop is adjustable; hence, you can make the hammock higher or lower according to your preference. Earlier, the Whoopie sling was used by acrobats to support themselves on the tree.

How to make a whoopie sling

How to make a whoopie sling?

Many people who are into DIYs want to know how to make a whoopie sling. It is not that difficult to make a whoopie sling, you just need to follow all the instructions properly. Here is how to make a whoopie sling:

Step 1: Take a sling rope

To DIY whoopie sling, you need a rope and a big needle to begin the process. You have to take the starting part of the rope and make a small loop out of it. Take fid and pass the short end of the rope to the more prominent end to secure the loop.

Now, take the bigger end of the rope and pass it through the shorter end of the rope using a fid. You have to press the rope properly before passing it through the other end so that it does not lose its shape.

Step 2: Pass the remaining part through the rope

After you are done creating a loop, you will see a small part of the rope dangling. You have to insert it within the rope and not take the remaining part of it out. It will create an elastic kind of function that will help you pull the rope to enlarge or make the loop smaller. It is also called the loop eye, which you use to adjust the hammock.

Step 3: make another loop

In this whole whoopie sling DIY, you have to pay attention to small details and make sure you are following each step right. After leaving a few inches of the rope, you have to make another loop using the fed. This time you have to do the same thing as step 1, but the loop will be bigger and you will pass the short end straight into the rope.

Step 4: fix the tail

Now, all that’s left to do is add elasticity or adjusting the ability to the end of the tail. Take the end of the tail and insert it back within the rope. It will create some elasticity factor to adjust the loops. 

Are they useful?

Most people question the functionality of a whoopie sling and want to understand whether or not they are helpful. Truthfully, whoopie slings are pretty functional and one of the most excellent tools to have when going on a backpacking trip. It is lightweight and easy to carry; it is also fantastic as it acts as a hinge to support various things. 

It is lighter than a daisy chain which most people will be astonished about, but it is accurate. It is better than most metal hinges that take a lot less space in your backpack and has great adjustment tools. You can adjust the height of your hammock and lay as high or as low as you want.

You can roll it up to the size of a toothbrush. If you think you would not need a whoopie sling, still pack it because you never know, and it would not even take a lot of space.

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How does whoopie sling work, and what do they do?

After you know what a whoopie sling is, you may have more questions about it. One of the main questions people have is using a whoopie sling and how it works. Well, we are here to sort out your concerns here. Let’s first talk about how to set up a whoopie sling.

If you are new to using a whoopie sling, you need first to figure out some of its parts. A whoopie sling has an adjustable loop, a fixed eye, a fixed blurry eye, a back splice, and a loop bury. All of these things team up together to make a fantastic adjustment tool.

You need to fix it on a tree for which you need to find a solid surface. The first thing you need to do is align the sling with the sling’s hook; it acts as a stopper pawn. 

How does a whoopie sling work? A whoopie sling works when you put the loop through the tree; the loop is also called loop-eye. You adjust the loop eye to tighten or loosen it. It is one of the best ways to adjust the hammock’s height.

You can suspend the hammock anywhere using the whoopie sling. It is ideal for tightening or loosening up your hammock. We term it as the perfect travelling partner of all time.

Things to consider While making whoopie sling

Whether you are making whoopie slings yourself or buying them, there are a few things that you must consider to have a better experience. If you want to know what things you must keep in your mind, then stay tuned:

1.     Material

One of the things that play a focal role in determining whether a whoopie sling is of excellent quality or not is the material. Amsteel whoopie sling is one of the best ones available out there as it is not too stretchy. It is a 12-braided rope that helps in maintaining the weight to strength ratio very well.

If you feel like the Amsteel whoopie sling is a little too taut, you can always try the one. Dynaglide is a popular material for whoopie sling due to its durability and support. You can find it anywhere in the market.

2.     Length

Most people will not consider rope length as the fundamental part, but it does play an important role. You can determine the comfort levels a whoopie sling provides based on its length. If you are going camping, it is safe to keep a 2 to 8-feet long whoopie sling. However, a 4 to 8-feet whoopie sling can also work.

3.     Strength

Strength plays a pivotal role if you are looking for a whoopie sling. You do not want to fall on your backside hard when you are stargazing on a hammock. Whoopie sling ridgeline or an Amsteel one ensures that it has the ability to support the maximum weight.

A rope with the ability to endure 1500 pounds or at least 500 pounds weight works the best. Also, your hammock size also plays a pivotal role when it comes to selecting a whoopie sling based on strength.

4.     Hook

Making whoopie slings is not an easy task, but if you are making one make sure, you put a hook in it. If you want to make the process of using a whoopie sling easier for you, a hook is the key. You can attach a hook that can secure the hammock without making a knot.

Conclusion DIY Whoopie Sling

People do not know how to make a whoopie sling, and as a matter of fact, not many know what it does. However, it is one of the best things you will get your hands on if you often go on a backpacking trip. Who does not like to travel across the world and some exotic destinations?

If you want to have a good time lying on a hammock and stargazing or listening to the bird’s chirp, you will need the whoopie sling. It’s good that we let you know how to DIY whoopie sling, make use of it and shill.

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